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Monday, March 8, 2010

I spent today in the College Park area. This first photo is at the original Chik-fil-a in Hapeville, GA. This grown man is exiting through the door on the dwarf house section of the restaurant(dwarf house is the name Chik-fil-a coined this location). Why the first Chik-fil-a ever was built with a dwarf house is beyond me.

Winter, the owner of Poor Little Rich Girl is pictured at her vintage shop in College Park.

Today I met Rashid Nuri, leader of Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms. He has worked with public, private and community based agriculture in over 30 countries. Currently he is working on spreading urban agriculture throughout Atlanta. This plot of land in College Park will provide food for the community and help educate people. Rashid stresses the importance of this type of education, especially in a time where our agrarian roots seem so foreign. More than ever we are living in urban areas, but as Rashid makes clear this does not mean we have to rely on corporate agriculture for food.

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