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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts

SOPO, an Atlanta based bicycle collective, kicked off their 4th Annual Broken Hearts and Bicycle Hearts ride at their headquarters in East Atlanta. Hundreds of riders came out to compete in the city-wide alley cat style race. The manifest included a few Picov Andropov stops. Ok that's not what they are called, but just try saying it in a thick Boston accent while imitating a Russian accent, a la Car Talk. Then you had the usual throw a pie in your teammates face. It all ended at the Youngblood Gallery in the Highlands with a bike themed art show and all around party. Overall an awesome ride.

Being relatively new to this city it was great to go out and ride with a large group of people again. Atlanta spreads the bike-love on thick, mmmm mmmmm ... bike-love!

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